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Muse for Hire

Music and poetry are our ways to spread love. Moments and milestones deserve their own songs. Some of our favorites started as commissions. "Rabble to Rouse," a great dance tune with a sing-along  chorus, celebrates the 70th birthdays of two women friends. "Newfangled Love" honors the local wedding of a couple that exchanged vows overseas. 


To write a custom-made song, we gather stories and preferences, look at photographs, consider images and grooves, and learn what role the song will play in a celebration. By the time the song is written and performed, we are all friends. 

Fill out the form below to begin the process of gifting a personalized song or poem to your loved one today.

We will deliver a personalized song or poem to celebrate your love or special occasion in as little as a week from our initial conversation.

One-of-a-kind Poem starts at $100
Original Song with basic instrumentation starts at $250

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